Multiple Sclerosis Resources of Central New York – Mission Steps Walks

SyracuseFence16.9Harford Glen Water helps fundraising event by providing “free” water.

While at my mechanic shop for a service, I found a brochure in the the waiting area promoting the Mission Steps Walks by MS Resources of CNY. Knowing that Harford Glen Water could help the event save money on the cost of water for walk participants, I called the phone number on the pamphlet and spoke with Tammy Ballard. Tammy was thrilled that we could help and even told me that we “answered a prayer” by calling her when we did.

Tammy’s brother John owns Syracuse Fence and she contacted him to ask if he would purchase and donate all of the water for the walk at DestiNY USA in Syracuse. John agreed and Harford Glen Water helped design a label, made the product and delivered to the MS Resources office in East Syracuse.

Not only was Harford Glen Water able to help MS Resources for their Syracuse, NY walk but we were also able to find sponsors for the events in the Binghamton area walk and the Utica area walk. The final event in Watertown, NY was helped by using water that was remaining from the previous walks, so our sponsors received even more exposure than anticipated.

Harford Glen Water sets out to help charitable events and organizations partner with local businesses using the goal of creating a win-win scenario. If we can provide an event with donated water, they benefit from less expense. Equally important to us, a business that donates the water receives inexpensive advertising but gets their desired results. Add in a sale for HGW and the results are a win for everyone.

Case Study – Pizzeria

A Pizzeria outside of Utica, New York has been a long time client of Harford Glen Water.
While on the road during a sales trip, a manager at HGW stopped at the Pizzeria for dinner. He noticed that the custom labeled bottled water from HGW in cooler was nearly destroyed.

This was a bottle of water with not just his customers label on it, but also had the HGW name on it. He was curious and amazed, concerned and angry all at once. The HGW manager purchased the bottle with his pizza, and the temporary employee at the business sold it to him without any questions or concerns.

The HGW manager brought the bottle back without opening it, or altering the condition of the bottle in any way. He showed it to other staff at HGW and asked for the team to determine how that bottle came to look like it did, and how to prevent any other bottles from ever looking like that again.

“I know this bottle didn’t leave here like this, but it represents us and we need to figure out how this happened.” – HGW Manager.

HGW worked with the staff at the Pizzeria determined that the cases of water had been stacked near a competitor’s product. A delivery person from a large “national soda brand” company knocked the cases down during his delivery and some of Harford Glen Water’s products were damaged. Because the cases were stocked into the coolers, the part-time staff member at the Pizzeria did not recognize that the bottles were damaged and should have been discarded.

HGW worked with the owner of the Pizzeria to educate their staff on how to collect damaged bottles in the future and HGW replaced the bottles that could not be sold.

HGW takes great pride in the quality of our product, we are proud of the quality of the water, bottles, labels, packaging, and delivery. We care about the quality of our products from the time they are delivered to our customer, and also when our products are delivered to your customers. Our name is on every bottle of water that we produce, we want you to have the best product and experience possible, period.

Feels Like I Have A Business Partner

“One of the things that I appreciate about Hartford Glen Water, is that they really understand small businesses. They understands the distinct differences that small businesses face versus large businesses. This allows Harford Glen to effectively service any business, whether big or small. I don’t just have a water supplier…it feels more like I have a business partner”

Chuck D.
Ithaca, NY

Professional Logo Water for Marketing Events

“Our law firm uses logo water for our reception area as well as for seminars and other marketing events and outreach in the community. Dan and his team at Harford Glen Water are always very responsive when we need to place an order and have simplified the process of obtaining logo water by the case. The water is fresh and I know it hasn’t been sitting on the back of a truck for months at a time. Our clients and visitors to our office compliment us often on how professional the bottles look. Thank you Dan!”

Kathleen C.
Binghamton, NY

Outstanding Service, Best Water I’ve Ever Tasted

“Not only is the bottled water that HGW provides us with some of the best I’ve tasted, but their service is outstanding. In the short time that we have dealt with HGW they have come to know our ordering cycles for both of our offices quite well. I will often get a polite reminder from Dan or Tom indicating that our on-hand supply is probably getting low in one office or the other, that they have a truck headed that way in the near future and would I like to place an order? Inevitably, their reminders are right on target. Moreover, HGW has been very accommodating as they help us with specialty orders for a local trade show that we sponsor each year. Hard to beat the products, the service or the friendliness of the folks at Harford Glen Water! “

Douglas K.
Syracuse, NY

Sports Facility in Upstate New York

Using custom labels on bottled water, owner sees sales double

At Harford Glen Water we work with a year round multi-sport facility located in upstate New York. They routinely sell custom labeled bottled water to the athletes, coaches and their fans. When we first started working with the sports complex they sold 20 cases of water per week. Their labels were custom designed by us, but only featured text and their logo.

One year the sports complex hosted a summer camp starting a professional athlete as a coach. We designed a special label to sell at the summer camp featuring the professional athlete’s photo on the bottle. The commemorative bottles flew off the shelves. They were a huge hit.

After that success we decided to design custom labels featuring all their sports teams. The majority of the teams who play at the facility are made up of youth athletes. Fans loved the custom labels and started purchasing extra bottles to keep as souvenirs. Some athletes even autographed their photos for their loved ones to keep as souvenirs.

The custom labels were so popular that the sports complex ended up doubling their sales to 40 cases per week. They continue to order custom labeled bottled water from Harford Glen Water. Parents and athletes look forward to seeing the new creative labels that we design.