100% Pure Custom Label Bottled Water

Taste The Difference of Natural Water

Our water is pure, crisp And refreshing. It has nothing removed and nothing added to it.

We do NOT use R.O. (Reverse Osmosis) to purify this water. It is natural… all natural. Our water is bottled fresh from our privately owned aquifer and bottled on site, just outside of Ithaca, NY.

Our water originates from an aquifer 250 feet beneath the surface of the earth in the hills just south between Ithaca, NY and Cortland, NY. The water is filtered naturally as it drips through layers of rock and sand. Contaminants are gently removed though this organic dripping process, which can take up to 20 years to reach our aquifer.

Next we filter out any natural sediment remaining in the water. It is treated with ozone and ultra violet light to naturally kill any remaining bacteria. This leaves us with left with natural, clean water.

Our water meets all federal regulations. It’s safe, clean and pure using a natural purification process. The mineral content in Harford Glen Water is specific to our aquifer. You won’t find any other water that tastes as fresh and delicious as ours.

An Excellent Source Of Refreshment

As water flows it naturally picks up taste characteristics from the minerals present in the earth. Our water has a taste distinct to the Finger Lake Region in New York State with mineral traces of calcium, magnesium, sodium and zinc. Customers have described our water as crisp and refreshing.

What does this mean to our customers?

  • We are heavily regulated by FDA standards that are in place to make sure that public safety is our first priority.
  • Our product, our processes and our quality standards are inspected and tested by government regulators on appointment and on surprise inspections.
  • Harford Glen Water is required to have our staff attend training and education to ensure that we exceed industry standards.
  • You, our customer will receive a product of supreme quality!

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